We inspect your home before the next tenant moves in.

When you give notice, a move-out inspection will be conducted within the last three weeks of the contract period. During this inspection, we do not inspect cleaning but before you move out, you must clean the apartment thoroughly so that a new tenant can move in immediately.

You will be notified by email and on My Pages when the inspection will take place, so you can attend if you wish. In the information about when your inspection will take place, we ask you to confirm that it is ok for us to use our extra key to enter the apartment.


Things to think about before inspection

  • Equipment details such as doors, hat shelf, curtain fittings, etc. must be located and installed in the apartment during the inspection.

  • Equipment in addition to the apartment's standard, such as wall mirrors, carpets, etc., may not be transferred to the next tenant, without their written approval. You can find a form for taking over furnishings or equipment here. Equipment left behind will be dismantled and taken care of at your expense.

If you are not sure what is included in the apartment's standard, contact us or ask during the inspection.


Furnished residence

For furnished apartments, all furniture must be located in the apartment and match the inventory list otherwise you will be charged for the costs of locating, supplementing and/or transporting furniture that is missing.


Inspection report

You can view the inspection report on My Pages on the same day it was carried out after 4:00 p.m.